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Erotica vs. Erotic Romance vs. Navel Gazing

I sent one of my children off to a publisher over the weekend. As usual, the thing that gave me the most trouble wasn’t the blurb (I used to do marketing brochures, blurbs are cake) or the synopsis. Formatting is a breeze.

No, what was killing me was deciding on the line where I perceived my story belonging. This particular publisher doesn’t have “erotic romance” as a category.

I posted my conundrum at Absolute Write, because right after I hit submit, I get wired up and second guess every word. Thank goodness for forums filled with people with more experience.  The other writers talked me off the ledge, and put forth something I hadn’t considered: E-publishers of romance are almost by definition publishing erotic romance. Therefore, they don’t bother posting that as a category. It’s like the way there are no Italian restaurants in Italy. They’re just restaurants!

If that’s correct, well, I guessed right on the line for my submission. I know rationally that it doesn’t matter. If the story meets their editorial needs, they aren’t going to bounce it just because I labeled it wrong. Still, this is a numbers game, and I know it’s my job to not give them any excuses to put down my story. And after I hit submit, overthinking is my middle name. Gives me something to do during the endless wait.

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