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Things Not To Do

If you are someone who thinks visually, and you are in the middle of writing a story about distinctive people doing highly erotic and yet in-character things, do not go to YouPorn for any reason. Even if it’s the first time you’ve ever been to YouPorn. ESPECIALLY if it’s the first time you’ve ever been to YouPorn.

As a side note, somewhat related: Ye gods and little fishes, but mankind is astounding in its infinite variety. Should I ever come to feel that I’m writing the same tired sex scene over and over, I know exactly where to go to see things I’ve never even considered in several decades of a) a very active imagination and b) collecting erotic stories.

As another related side note: The next time I whine about being concerned that someone might find my real name and jeopardize my day job, I’m going to try to remember that grandmotherly lady with the glass dildo. She doesn’t just have her name out there. She’s posting her face, among other things. Parts. Whatever. She wasn’t associated with a porn production company either. She doesn’t even seem to have a website. She just made a video and posted it. Grandma Dildo is the one doing all the work to normalize sexual expression, not me. Good for you, lady.

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