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Inspiration: Nifty!

I don’t remember how it happened, but I stumbled onto Nifty.org nearly ten years ago. This site is devoted to amateur erotic fiction. Text, not video. I still don’t recommend clicking the link if you’re at work or your kids are nearby. In order to keep themselves open, they have recently started accepting advertising from anyone willing and able to pay, and the intersection between “willing” and “able” consists mainly of porn sites.

It’s a funny thing when the ad visuals are the only thing making a site NSFW (not safe for work). But they gotta do what they gotta do to keep running, and they are quite the gateway drug for erotic fiction. I know a whole lot of people who stumbled into reading and writing erotica from Nifty.

The term amateur simply means that the writers aren’t doing it for money. None of the Nifty authors are paid. The site hosts don’t edit the material, although I have the impression that they decline to post stories that are so poorly written as to be illegible. They also bounce stories for having objectionable content (rape, unwilling partners, children, excessive violence, violence not part of a BDSM scenario, etc). Note that the site says it’s gay/lesbian erotica, and their submission guidelines say they don’t take hetero stories. I have found a number of straight stories, though, usually of the “doing it in public” or “as part of a threesome” varieties. Stories are filed by category so readers can find exactly what rings their bells.

It’s basically a short story slush pile with the worst 50% removed. A lot of it is still unreadable. There are enough heroines who are 5’7″ and 110 pounds with enormous tits to make you sprain your eyes rolling them. But such trials make finding the gems that much more satisfying. There’s one author named Marie who is theoretically telling us about her personal adventures (mostly F/F), and she writes well enough that I’m willing to suspend my disbelief.

Anyway, Nifty was absolutely one of my big inspirations in terms of what made me decide to start writing erotica. If you can get past the ads and into the story archives, and you write/enjoy erotica, this site is worth a bookmark.

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