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Top Searches People Use To Find This Blog

“carina press”, hummus, kathleen dienne, ipad bookstore apps, erotic fiction, bdsm during childbirth

I was very pleased to see my own name, my publisher, my category, and at least something relating to bookstore apps.

Hummus gave me a smile.

But BDSM during childbirth? What? Who the hell even comes up with that search string? (Dear Person Who Came Up With That: Sorry to disappoint you, by the way.)

I have giving birth to a child. No epidural. No, I would probably not do that again, but that’s another blog entirely. My point is that I cannot imagine wanting more pain at that particular moment in time. For that matter, I can’t figure out how you’d pay any attention to your sex life when you are busy, in the words of some comic I cannot remember, trying to push a wet St. Bernard out through a cat door.

But I do have a mental image of my midwife, the L&D nurse, my doula, and my husband all wearing gimp masks. And the nurse flicking a whip yelling “Push harder! Harder, dammit!”

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